Catch Mosquitoes

In a study to determine whether these tiny vampires actually choose their victims or feed indiscriminately, researchers at the University of Florida found that mosquitoes do indeed choose.

“One in ten people is highly attractive to mosquitoes,” reports Jerry Butler, PhD professor emeritus at the University of Florida.  Scientists have also discovered that genetics account for a whopping 85% of our susceptibility to mosquito bites.

While there’s nothing we can do about our DNA, there is something we can do about mosquitoes – Catch and Kill them using mosquito traps.

Because while most people try to repel mosquitoes, mosquito trap manufacturers put their efforts into attracting them – for good!  What makes a successful mosquito trap?  Two things really; first the ability to attract mosquitoes to the trap and secondly the ability to get the mosquitoes into the trap (where they die).   This is the major benefit of using mosquito traps for mosquito control; they actually reduce mosquito populations and not just temporarily repel them.

The main design feature of most mosquito traps is the use of propane (or LPG) which is combusted to produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2), water vapor and heat to attract mosquitoes.  Propane is non-toxic but does pose a risk of explosion and fire if it leaks.  And while this isn’t an everyday event, it is something to bear in mind if you’ve got kids and pets loose in your backyard.

Then there are electric traps that operate on a 12 volt system and use a combination of light, shape, heat, movement, color and odors to attract mosquitoes.

Before you invest, find out what works so you end up with the best mosquito trap.